Cristina Canizares Caribbean Chic Living
Meet Cristina Canizares

I have always been creative and resourceful!

At the age of seven I started making dresses for my dolls out of anything I could get my hands on, including my good dresses and my mother's linens.  Fun for me, not so fun for mami!  I remember making curtains from bed sheets, floral arrangements using papaya leaves from the garden, and baking treats in my Easy Bake Oven from things I found in the fridge.  Oh what I put my family through, sorry guys!  

When I left Miami to attend the George Washington University, I went to study something “practical”, however the museums and galleries in D.C. quickly reminded me that my heart belonged to the creative arts.  Nonetheless, I spent many years traveling the world while working as an international executive for very large corporations (studying something “practical” did have a few perks).  Along the way I found myself planning events and decorating rooms for myself, friends and colleagues.  This prompted me to start a small custom home furnishing business specializing in couture decorative pillows and custom slipcovers made from fabrics, notions and textiles I’d collected throughout my travels.  The work was fun and brought me back to happy childhood memories.
Cristina Canizares Caribbean Chic Living

A few years ago I traded in my big city cosmopolitan lifestyle and my corporate gig for a laid-back tiny island in the Caribbean and the hopes of following a lifelong passion.  Today I’ m lucky to live, design and create on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands with the love of my life, George, and our little black cat, Jumbie.  Island life certainly provides lots of opportunities to be resourceful and creative, and our home is no exception.  It’s a living canvas to test and perfect my ideas before sharing them with you!

What is Caribbean Chic Living?
Caribbean Chic is stylish living with an island twist.  It blends quality and craftsmanship with nature’s beauty and the unfussy, casual attitude of the warm weather tropics for everyday living.  Caribbean Chic is my signature style!

I coined the style after settling into island life and undertaking the massive renovation and design of our home. No small feat in the Caribbean!  Island constraints forced me to simplify, repurpose and reuse everything around me to create a stylish, durable and comfortable environment.  Today rooms I decorate, events I put together and my collection of home furnishings all reflect Caribbean Chic Living.  Luxurious elements, thoughtful design, colors and patterns blending effortlessly as they do in nature.  It’s how we live down island!

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Warm Wishes,
Cristina Canizares Caribbean Chic Living


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